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Did you know 88% of people who are suffering with some form have personality disorder are also struggling financially and their credit rating?

There are plenty of ways you can improve your credit rating. It could be as easy as picking up a credit card and keeping up with the repayments (setting up a direct debit for credit cards is always a good idea), or simply signing up to the electoral roll. But if you’re still struggling to build your score, you needn’t languish without the phone that you want. Networks like GiffGaff often provide a great range of SIM-only deals or more affordable smartphone contracts which can get you through a credit check, making them ideal if you’re struggling elsewhere. Also you could check out how and why your credit score is so bad by looking at Equifax and Experian reports.

By picking up a more affordable deal, this will in turn help you build your credit score as well, so when your next upgrade is available it could help you cruise through a credit check without an issue.

What’s the easiest network to get a contract with?

Most networks offer very similar credit checks to their customers, but some UK networks to tend to be a bit easier to be accepted by compared to others. However, make sure you pick a deal which suits your credit rating, as it’s very unlikely that any network will pass a credit check for someone with a bad rating for the latest iPhone handset with no up-front cost.

According to the bad credit specialist MobileHawk.co.uk, they recommend targeting lower monthly cost deals or handsets which aren’t quite the latest to arrive on the market. To help you out we’ve added a few tips for you, these aren’t 100% guaranteed yet can help in many cases, even though taking advantage of the deals we have singled out tends to prove more successful.