Arts & Creativity

Since merging Personality Plus and Borderline UK in 2007 Emergence has taken up the baton to fight the stigma associated with personality disorders (PD) and campaigned for a wider acceptance of this diagnosis. It has done this to a large extent by actively promoting the unique and heightened capacity for creative expression and the extraordinary achievements of people who identify with this diagnosis.

Emergence enables people, individually and collectively, who may be normally severely excluded or isolated to access mainstream arts, creativity and cultural opportunities.

Our aim is to deliver a high quality national programme of events that are often co-delivered and co -produced with partners, groups and organizations.

Embracing a wide range of arts practice, Emergence engages directly with the community creating new opportunities for debate and dialogue in challenging and exciting ways: using and promoting current contemporary arts, outsider art, combined/ multi media and incorporating a wide spectrum of visual, text based, film and performance media.

Emergence‚Äôs work is underpinned by health and wellbeing factors and uses an authentic participation and co-production ‘model’ involving ongoing planning, acting, delivering, observing, reflecting, re-planning and so on.

Delivery is through a range of tailor made participatory and socially engaging methods such as workshops, exhibitions, talks, discussions, shows and courses.

We strive to ensure that our presenters, artists and workshop leaders have a lived experience of personality disorder.