Self Harm, Injury and Mutilation

“Cutting” by Steven Levenkron (ISBN 0-393-31938-5)
Primarily uses personal accounts to talk about self-mutilation & the reasons behind it. Unfortunately, casts the impression that all self harmers are teenage girls who cut (failing to mention men, other age groups & other means of self-harm.) Recovery section is limited.

“Self-Harm : Perspectives From Personal Experience” ed. Louise Pembrooke (ISBN 1 8980020 2 9)
Revealing first hand accounts from self-harmers. Very funny cartoons as well.

“The Hurt Yourself Less Workbook” by The National Self-Harm Network (ISBN 0 9534027 0 3)
Written by self-harmers for self-harmers, this is a work book for anyone wishing to understand their self-harming behaviour and to take control. Highly recommended (available at a discount price to service-users from the NSHN)