Mental Health

“Emotional Health” by Bob Johnson (ISBN 1-904327-00-1)
Refreshing new approach to Personality Disorders and other MH health problems from the founder of the James Naylor Foundation. This is available at a discounted price direct from the James Naylor Foundation (see

“In Your Right Mind” by Thomas Stuttaford (ISBN 0-571-19348-X)
An overview of psychological disorders. Fairly comprehensive but neglects to mention Multiple Personality Disorder.

“Mad Pride: An Celebration of Mad Culture” eds Curtis, Dellar et al (ISBN 0-9525744-2-X)
Highly recommended. Accounts of madness and mayhem from the people who know best.

“Seeing Red & Feeling Blue” by Susan Aldridge (ISBN 0-7126-8073-X)
Explains emotion from a scientific perspective, concentrating on stress, depression, anger and respective treatments.

“The Emotional Brain” by Joseph LeDoux (ISBN 0-297-84108-4)
Discussing how emotions are evoked in the brain, and why they interfere with conscious thought. Very scientific, not written for a layperson.

“Toxic Psychiatry” by Peter Breggin (ISBN 0-00-637803-X)
Should be read by everyone who is about to put any form of psychiatric medication in to their bodies. Excellent forward by Dorothy Rowe.

“Users and Abusers of Psychiatry” by Lucy Johnstone (ISBN 0-415-21156-5)
A critical discussion of psychiatry, arguing that “traditional treatment” often exacerbate the patients’ original difficulties. Well written & thought provoking.