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meeting-the-challenge-230This section of the website is designed to give a brief overview of personality disorders (PD) including what they are, how a diagnosis is given, suggested causes, and treatment and support available. If you, or someone you care about, has just been given this diagnosis, or you would simply like to know more about PD, this is the section to start with.

'Meeting the Challenge - Making a Difference' - a personality disorder practitioner guide

‘Meeting the Challenge – Making a Difference’, is a practitioner guide offering information, advice and guidance for those working with people with personality difficulties in community settings. Emergence was involved extensively in the publication of this guide.

Commissioned by the Department of Health, the guide brings together up-to-date thinking about personality disorder with practical advice to support staff and organisations working across health and social care services. 

Although the guide is intended for mental health practitioners, it is written in an accessible style, so that those with a lived experience of personality disorder or their families and friends, may also find helpful. A copy of the guide can be downloaded here.


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