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How do mental health services meet the needs of those affected by personality disorder?

Are you a mental health service-user with a diagnosis of a personality disorder and have experience of using mental health services in the past five years? If yes, the National Confidential Inquiry into Suicide and Homicide by People with Mental Illness would like to hear your views about mental health services for people with personality disorder.

In this new study, they are asking for information about how mental health services meet the needs of people with personality disorder, including how services work well and when they do not work as well.  They also want to understand how you think mental health services could be changed to improve the care of people with personality disorder.

The research has been commissioned by the Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership  (HQIP), and funded by NHS England, the Scottish Government, NHS Wales, the Northern Ireland Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety (DHSSPS) and the State of Jersey.  The study is being conducted at the Centre for Mental Health and Safety at the University of Manchester.

Before you decide if you want to participate, it is important you understand why the research is being done and what it will involve. Please take the time to read the following information carefully: http://www.bbmh.manchester.ac.uk/cmhs/research/centreforsuicideprevention/nci/pd_study

If there is anything that is not clear, or if you would like more information, please discuss this with the interviewer Thabiso Nyathi on 0161 275 0700 or by e-mail at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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