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Author of the Month launched: Read our first submission

Following the success of Artist of the Month, Emergence is this month launching Author of the Month.

“Our website Gallery is such a success,” Emergence Manager Fiona Kuhn-Thompson explained “that we now want to include those who prefer the written word. It can be a short story or a poem. We look forward to receiving your submissions.”

The rules are simple:

1. The word count is up to 800 words but can be much less if you prefer.

2. The topic is open but it must be written by someone who relates to the difficulties associated with Personality Disorder.

3. Please send in a photograph or piece of artwork if you would like us to illustrate your story on the Emergence website.

As with Artist of the Month, one story will be chosen to feature on the Emergence website in any given month.

To kick-start the project please see below a story we received from Melville R Akers entitled ‘The Lost Wolf Club’.

Please don’t forget our photo Gallery and keep sending in your wonderful photos and artwork.

The Lost Wolf Club’ – Melville R Akers

 wolf cub

The snow kept falling as the lost wolf cub struggled to make his way through the fierce icy cold winds.

It was getting darker by the minute and the wolf cub was very tired and obviously very cold.

The pack the young wolf cub had somehow been separated from was not in the poor little creatures mind now.

As the fierce ice cold breeze kept up its freezing tempo the young wolf cub suddenly collapsed as his four tiny legs gave way.

It was by sheer chance that a Sioux warrior was also battling through this storm and he suddenly became aware of a tiny furry creature just up ahead from him and his horse whom he had named Bold One.

The Sioux warrior gently lifted the poor young wolf cub up from the freezing cold ground and wrapped him in a type of shawl rubbing at the type of shawl to bring back the poor young wolf cubs circulation the warrior then continued upon his quest to return to his Indian village.

It was a long hard trek but the warrior and his horse Bold One made it through the so very harsh elements to reach the Indian Village.

Here the young wolf cub was placed inside a tepee that had a warm fire blazing in the middle the cub was then placed near to this nice comforting warm fire he was not afraid of the flames for already he was becoming a little warrior within himself.

A young Sioux Indian knelt ever so gently near the cub and placed some small cuts of meat near the little creatures nose immediately the cub who was almost asleep from the comfort of the warm fire jerked up his head as his nose scented the fine aroma quickly the cub gobbled the meat down followed up by a nice tasting drink the young Sioux Indian had also put before him.

The next day there was great excitement in the Indian village as many Sioux young and old alike came to view the latest resident of their cosy little village as the cub was being petted by yet another Sioux a sharp sounding noise was picked up by the cubs ever astute ears it was the sound of a bugle by now the peaceful easy feeling the cub had being feeling had suddenly left him and a strange fear gripped him.

The cub was placed gently to the ground of the tepee has everyone within it raced outside. Warily the cub sneaked a look outside of the tepee what he saw scared him even more white men dressed in blue jackets and blue trousers firing noisy things that seemed to fell the Indians making a red liquid pour from them.

The cub also saw things fly through the air with a strange whistling sound once one of these strange things struck a white man he also fell with red liquid pouring out of him.

The cub was shocked at what he was seeing was this truly the way of man as the cub pondered this very disturbing question he was shocked to see the Sioux Indian who had saved him fall to the ground a gushing wound pouring the red liquid from his head suddenly the cub felt a sharp pain he fell to the ground and saw one of the whistling things stuck in his side and that now the red liquid was pouring from him it had been fired by a white man who had taken it from a dead Indian when his rifle ran out of ammunition almost as soon as the white man had wounded the cub a Sioux warrior hacked down the white man with a tomahawk .

The cub felt his life being drained out of him his vision becoming blurry then he felt no senses at all.

The next thing the cub knew a smiling face was looking over him it was the Sioux warrior who had saved him he had a white bandage wrapped round his head the cub put a paw onto the Sioux warriors hand the only way he knew to say thank you.

Thanks to LIberec Zoo for the image


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