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One of our key aims is to campaign to change attitudes and challenge the stigma associated with personality disorders and in the process create a safer, more supportive world.

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Kath Lovell raises £550 for Emergence and looks forward to her second bike ride

To say we are proud of Kath Lovell (Emergence MD) is an understatement. Not only did she cycle through the night on June 4 for over four hours, get knocked over by a fellow biker, and get back up and continue cycling, but Kath also cycled 6 km more then she needed to and then another 16km to get home. That is a total of 82 km!

Kath Lovell said: “I really enjoyed the ride, it was a brilliant experience - though I didn't much like my aching knees the day after. I have never done anything like this before and I felt a huge sense of achievement when I completed the course.


Kath Lovell gets on her bike to raise money for Emergence

June and July 2016 will see Emergence MD Kath Lovell cycling over 83 miles in two separate bike rides – the Nightrider and Surrey 46 – to raise money for Emergence. Why not sponsor her?

The Nightrider will take place overnight on June 4 and is 60 Km (37.2 miles) long.

Kath says the Nightrider is a fantastic way to “discover London by bike whilst raising much needed funds for Emergence to enable us to continue our work to support all those affected by personality disorder. The route is chosen to enable all the cyclists to see all the highlights the Capital has to offer, spot a few treasures and then at the finish we get a well earned breakfast and a medal.”


How do mental health services meet the needs of those affected by personality disorder?

Are you a mental health service-user with a diagnosis of a personality disorder and have experience of using mental health services in the past five years? If yes, the National Confidential Inquiry into Suicide and Homicide by People with Mental Illness would like to hear your views about mental health services for people with personality disorder.

In this new study, they are asking for information about how mental health services meet the needs of people with personality disorder, including how services work well and when they do not work as well.  They also want to understand how you think mental health services could be changed to improve the care of people with personality disorder.


Coming Together to Make a Difference

On March 2, 2016 Emergence was proud to work with Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust to present the latest in a long line of Regional Learning Network events.

The aim of these events is to provide an opportunity for practitioners, service users and carers in the Yorkshire and Humber region to network, share best practice and learn about innovations in the field both regionally and nationally. It offers all who attend a variety of experiential workshops in which the divisions between service users and care providers can be put aside for a time as they work side by side and learn with and from each other.


Author of the Month launched: Read our first submission

Following the success of Artist of the Month, Emergence is this month launching Author of the Month.

“Our website Gallery is such a success,” Emergence Manager Fiona Kuhn-Thompson explained “that we now want to include those who prefer the written word. It can be a short story or a poem. We look forward to receiving your submissions.”


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