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Do you have something you feel proud of and want to share? If you have lived experience of personality disorder and would like to be featured here please contact Hanne Lee via This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Dreams with A Date

Jane Jackson wants to develop a recovery coaching package for people with personality disorder within the next five years. But first she's concentrating on coaching people and small organisations to help them define and reach their goals. She tells Hanne Lee about her own goals and how she is reaching them.

How did you become a life coach?

Three years ago I was made redundant when a weekend crisis house I set up, and was running, lost its funding. I came across an advert from the Coaching Academy which offered a free weekend course in life coaching and went along believing I’d pick up a few tips.  At the time I only wanted to help myself set some goals and targets for the future about where I wanted to be and what I wanted to do. I had no intention whatsoever of becoming a life coach. In learning about the process of coaching I realised it was something that I’d been doing most of my life, especially when supporting somebody in crisis. Because it is about empowering people, it sat very well with my own values and beliefs and I became inspired to pursue it as an alternative way to earn a living whilst continuing to support others.


An interview with Fiona Byrne

Fiona Byrne began her acting life as a youngster amongst adults at East Surrey Operatic Society. Today she directs a newly established youth section of the theatre. She tells Hanne Lee what it is like and how it all came about.

Tell us your good news?

I’d like to celebrate work I’ve done for the last three years directing a youth section of the East Surrey Operatic Society (ESOS Youth). It is an amateur theatre I was a member of as a child based in Reigate in Surrey (UK). We hire a local theatre, The Harlequin, which seats 400 people and creative professional teams regularly support the casts. In 2007 I became assistant director for one production and in 2010 I directed The Wizard of Oz for them.  It is just something I’m incredibly proud of. Both on an artistic level and in terms of giving back to youngsters coming up now an experience that was so meaningful to me as a child. ESOS nurtured my belief that I might have something to offer talent wise, that I might make a career in acting.


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